Cleaning up your Social Media Channels

  • May 18, 2020
  • Jennifer Hatton
  • 3 min read

There’s a lot going on in the world right now and that has resulted in some brands going dark, some changing their messaging, and others pushing on like everything was status quo. No matter what camp you find yourself in you may be analyzing your social profile, finetuning your messaging, and developing a go-forward strategy for the rest of the year.  

Are you ready to restart your channels, reinvigorate your commitment to social posting for your company or take your side gig to the next level? Let’s take some time to do some housekeeping that will help make your channels more secure, help you be more organized and put your best branding foot forward for new fans and followers.

Let’s review some things you can do right now to enhance your social media initiatives: 

Grab a pen and answer the questions below!

Social Media Channels

1. What channels do you have? 

A simple spreadsheet is a great tool to track this and help you stay on top of where and how you’re spending your time.  

2. What channels are you consistently posting content on? 

Analyze the last 3-12 months, look at number of posts, engagement metrics, and total ROI.  

3. What channels should you put on hold? 

Use your ROI analysis to determine if it makes sense to step away from a platform and focus your energy on the ones that are providing tangible results. 

You have an entire digital ecosystem that includes your website, blog and social media channels. Any time someone encounters your brand online, they should be able to easily get to your website. Afterall, your website is your home turf. You aren’t beholden to changes in algorithms, or other third-party issues that can impact or even devastate your traffic.  

Log In’s and Access

1. Do you have a password app or document? 

If so you need to be sure if it will keep your data safe in the event you’re hacked. 

2. Do you have a regularly updated back-up of the data in case of a breach?

It is also important that you know who all has access to that information. 

3. Have you updated your passwords recently? 

Most security experts agree changing passwords every 90 days is a solid way to reduce the risk of someone else getting access to your data. Are you using a password generator? The street you grew up on with your child’s birthdate won’t cut it. Most password apps have the ability to generate complex passwords for you.   

4. Who has access to your channels? 

We’ve all heard the stories of an employee who was terminated but still had access to social channels, or the consultant that was hired years ago that still has ownership of a brand’s Facebook page. Don’t let that be you!

The security aspect is important for many reasons, make sure your reputation is not at stake because you are hacked and inappropriate things are posted to your channels. You also don’t want to lose access to your channels and have to start over losing the branded URL’s that people will use to find your brand or business online.

Many of these things are simple, do take a little time but will pay off for you.

We would love to know which items you tackled – share below.