Will My Audience Change Because of this Crisis?

  • April 20, 2020
  • Fran Stephenson
  • 3 min read

For many of us, we are at four plus weeks staying at home.  It’s given us a lot of time to think, or maybe too much time to think.  If you’re holding on to the old notions of how your social channels worked prior to a worldwide crisis, it might be time to start thinking of how it will change your social strategy in the future.

It’s certain you will see changes in your audience as this crisis lingers. Even more so as we slowly begin to re-open business channels.  But how do you know? What should you be looking for?

It depends on how you – or your channels — acted during the global health crisis, which I’ve already addressed in part 2 of the guide.

If you were serving the community in some way during the nation’s shutdown, you have quite possibly won new fans, ones who are already developing loyalty and pride in what you did.

If you went dark during the uncertainty, you are exactly where you were before the shutdown, or may have lost fans.

If your communication was tentative or marketing heavy or shared the wrong message, you may have lost parts of your audience and will essentially, be starting over with a smaller group. 

Assuming your audience mix will be new, your message, approach and channel preference needs to change with it.  Some people left you; some people joined you.

Start thinking about your new audience. 

Messages: your tone and type of message will need to change when your demographic changes.  Your audience may be younger or older, more urban or rural, so look at your breakout and adjust.

Approach: the pace of your messaging should be dictated by audience need.  What do they want know? Look at the demographics from your tools and compare it to last year to see what is different.

Channel preference:  Not all your channels changed equally.  Maybe Facebook is up and Instagram is down.  Or Twitter is stagnant but Pinterest has grown.  While you’re looking at your demographic changes, look at each individual channel to see what’s different from before.

Taking the time to get to know your new audience is key to your future social media success.   

Next time: Is it time to wake up your social channels?

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