Are Hashtags Relevant in 2024?

  • March 19, 2024
  • Jennifer Hatton
  • 6 min read

What is a Hashtag? 

First off, hashtags are words and numbers following the # symbol that categorize and track content on social media. They are used across multiple platforms so we will discuss the importance and role on each. 

Hashtags can be words, sayings, holidays with years and locations.

Branded Hashtags 

A branded hashtag is one that is specific to your business or product. This helps with name recognition and branding. Here are a few examples: Coca-Cola’s #ShareACoke, Disney’s #ShareYourEars, Apple’s #ShotoniPhone. All businesses should have a branded hashtag, not just large or national organizations.

Using Hashtags on Instagram

Hashtags have always been important on Instagram and they will continue to be so. Hashtags play an important role in the algorithm and how it categorizes content. Users can still search hashtags and follow hashtags which show up on their wall. You can use generic hashtags to search items, but also develop your own custom hashtags to promote your brand. 

My advice: There are many thoughts and opinions on how many hashtags to use, but the important thing is that you research them and use them. Don’t stress on using the full 30, but do include at least a few of them in your posts. 

Using Hashtags on Facebook

Hashtags on Facebook do have some functionality but have not been embraced by Facebook users. Adding one branded hashtag has been shown in research to help, but adding too many significantly drops your views. Hashtags are often considered spammy or annoying to users on Facebook and can decrease the readability of your posts when you have too many. 

If creating a hashtag strategy on Facebook is important to you, here is an article with solid advice on getting the most out of them. 

My advice: Stick to one branded hashtag and call it good. Don’t auto post from Instagram if you put all your hashtags in the caption, it just won’t do well on Facebook. 

Using Hashtags on Twitter/ X

Hashtags are a large part of Twitter and remain effective to help find content quickly as well as other users with similar interests. Hashtags are also effective in expanding the life of a tweet and increasing engagement.

“The estimated lifespan of a tweet is about 18 minutes. Once this time elapses, your tweet will only be viewed by those who visit your Twitter profile specifically. But if a hashtag is attached to your tweet, it lives longer. It also stands a chance of reaching a larger Twitter audience and getting more views and likes.”

My advice: Keep using hashtags on Twitter to find those interested in your topic and connect with relevant users. 

Using Hashtags on TikTok

Hashtags are useful on TikTok, but it has its own culture and the viral hashtags are not necessarily topic specific. On Instagram you can be reported or penalized for jumping on trending hashtags that are irrelevant to your topic, on TikTok many people use the trending hashtag whatever it is. 

The TikTok algorithm is very smart so it does not need hashtags to know who is interested in that content. Creators can find it helpful for categorizing their content to make it easy to find and it can be used for SEO purposes as well. 

My advice: If you want to use hashtags effectively you need to learn and understand how it works. You also need to decide what your purpose for using them is and dont need more than 3-6 total per post. Also be ready for quick changes and shifts, it isn’t a set it and forget part of your strategy.

Using Hashtags on YouTube 

The main reason for using hashtags on YouTube are SEO and helping consumers find content. There are several places you can put the hashtags and they limit it to 15. YouTube has been clear that overuse of hashtags can be damaging, so be laser focused with your topic or subject matter hashtags. Many argue that hashtags are useless on YouTube and that you should focus on your title, thumbnail and description instead. 

My advice: Research and use 3-5 topic specific hashtags that would be beneficial for your brand. Otherwise don’t spend much time on hashtags here and focus on titles, thumbnails and descriptions.

Using Hashtags on LinkedIn

Hashtags have been on Linkedin for a long time and they are still effective. Again on this channel less is more and using more professional hashtags that describe your industry or product so you can find others with similar interests. 

Social Pilot has a helpful hashtag strategy section for LinkedIn.  

Other helpful tips include following a few hashtags from your company page and monitoring hashtag use by competitors. 

My advice: Use 3-5 well researched hashtags and don’t forget to ask those who follow your page to follow the hashtags too!

Wrap Up

The answer to our original question “Are Hashtags Relevant in 2024” is yes! But you do need to research and have a channel specific strategy for using them across platforms. Next month we will review and discuss hashtag generators. 


In my professional opinion, hashtags, especially on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok will continue to be relevant. Researching hashtags, developing your branded hashtag and having a strategy for how to utilize hashtags on each platform will continue to be an important part of your social strategy in 2024.