7 Things to Try Using ArtificiaI Intelligence

  • September 7, 2023
  • Fran Stephenson
  • 4 min read

Are you freaking out about artificial intelligence and the machine learning tools available to you and your business? 

We know.  Everyone is talking about it.  And fretting about it, too.

You can take the position that the robots are coming for your job or you can let the “robot” take on parts of the job that are repetitive or take a lot of time with little return. Keep reading! You can do this.

We’ve been spending the summer trying out several different tools and while we are fully aware and wary of the ethical and logistical issues surrounding Chat GPT and the many others, we have already used it this summer successfully.

Are you ready to see how some of the new AI tools can help you with repetitive tasks?

We’ve used several different tools that we share below. Chat GPT and Bard for text, fact checking and keyword searches. Rows.com to generate spreadsheet templates and Lumen 5 to convert text to video. There are dozens of new tools out there, so this is just a start.

Check out how we used a new tool to generate a video….in 10 minutes!

Here are 7 ways we’ve experimented with  generative AI tools in the past three months.

  1. Used Chat GPT and Bard to rewrite meta descriptions for my recently updated web pages.
  2. Bard also scans the whole Google universe and gave suggestions for keywords for those same web pages. (Google is the king of keywords, so that’s a no-brainer).
  3. Input text from a blog post and asked Bard to write social posts and suggest keywords to promote them on our company LinkedIn and Facebook pages.
  4. On Bard, we asked it what was new about a specific trend and used the information to update a blog post.
  5. Used Lumen 5 to create a video from one of our blog posts to post/promote in social media.
  6. Used Rows.com to generate a new spreadsheet template with formulas that we’ll customize for future clients.
  7. Used Bard to fact check a piece of content.
Bard Used to Fact-Check an Article
Using Rows.com to create a template

We are going to continue experimenting and learning about all these tools because they are here to stay.  What would you like us to experiment with next? We’re happy to share what we learn as we go along.