Top 12 Tips for Using the Clubhouse App

  • March 23, 2021
  • Fran Stephenson
  • 3 min read

Our top tips if you’re interested in or have just joined Clubhouse, the new audio only streaming app for Apple users. Here are twelve tips to get you started on the right track!


Connect with some of your friends and colleagues from other networks. This is a great way to start a quick stream of content that you know you’ll be interested in.


Join topic clubs – they are topic specific and it will help you find the information you want to learn about or network in your area of expertise.


Get on with a friend and start a private room so you can try out all the buttons! What do they do, how do they work? What does it look like when you raise your hand or unmute? This helps calm your nerves when you want to be more interactive in a room. 


Get in a small room to practice raising your hand and speaking. It is much less intimidating than a room with hundreds of people and a large group of moderators.


Fill out your bio – it helps people get to know you, increases your followers on CH but also on IG (make sure to link your IG and TW! in your bio).

Our Lunch Bunch Group is a great place to get started in Clubhouse


Emojis are searchable. Yes, they are. So if emojis are your thing, you might want to check out what that yields for you.


Follow people – when people who speak follow you it moves your profile into the higher “Followed by speakers” group in rooms.


Think outside your business hours! Because CH is global, people are on there in every single time zone.  Check out some of the rooms and talks that start up in the early evening or on the weekends. It’s a more relaxed vibe and can lead to additional learning.


When someone “pings” you that you should be in this room, it means that they are in a room that’s happening right now and thought you might like it.  Don’t worry if you get the notice and can’t join in. It happens. 


Like all social networking apps, it’s powered by an algorithm. The app will show you “rooms in progress” based on both your topics AND the people you’re following. If you’re not into million dollar real estate deals, maybe tweak your followers/followings. 


Have fun! Clubhouse is new and changing, learn, try out things, and enjoy yourself. There are so many topics it is easy to get overwhelmed so just pick and choose. 


Save rooms you are interested in to your google or apple calendar so you don’t forget.

Let us know what you tried in Clubhouse. We’ve got some invites if you need one to get started!