Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Reels

  • August 20, 2020
  • Fran Stephenson
  • 3 min read

EDITED: August 2023

In 2020, Instagram rolled out a series of new video features under the heading of Reels. Reels is a huge feature in Instagram so let’s talk about updates and changes.

Instagram Answers TikTok with Reels

If you’re on the fence about whether TikTok is right for your brand, you’re not alone.  While this platform has made inroads by opening up advanced features like an agency interface and advertising solutions, the political controversy about TikTok and its ownership are still a major topic of discussion and bans across the US.

What are Instagram Reels?

    • IG reels are a short-form video sharing platform on Instagram.

    • Users can create and share up to 100-second reels with music, effects, and other creative tools.

    • Reels are a great way to entertain, educate, and engage your audience.

    • Reels now have their own dedicated tab in the app.

Reels Features for Brands and Business

    • Reels can be used to create shoppable videos.

    • Reels have become a popular way to promote music. Uploading clips of their music and songs to be used with Reels is highly effective.

    • Collaborations are now easier so you can tag other brands or businesses.

    • Better insights have been added for those with a business account.

Best Practices for Reels

    • Cross post Reels to Facebook for added views.

    • Use hashtags.

    • Add creative elements.

    • Be informative, entertaining and engaging.

    • Use trending music or sounds.

    • Be consistent in your posting!

Back in 2020, the New York Times did a test and said Reels stinks, but no one liked Instagram when it first came out either. While many still agree that TikTok has better editing features, Reels has improved and looks like it is around for the long haul at this point.

How Do I Create a Reel?

If you’re ready to jump in, here’s a couple resources to help you.

TechBoomers has an IG Reels 2023 for Beginners that gives you all the basics.

Stephanie Kase also has a video tutorial on how to make, edit and post Reels that is very helpful.


Here are our hilarious examples of trying Reels for the first time back in 2020 : 

Jen does a Reel with her husband and horse

Fran has a reel of a recent fabric dyeing experiment.

It’s her first, so be kind!

If you are on Instagram, you should be producing Reels. We recommend you just start, you can add more creative video and elements as you go but for now, use some B roll and a song and publish!

We’d love to hear about and see your favorite Reels videos.