10 Questions to Help You Evaluate Your Social Media Performance This Year

  • October 9, 2019
  • Fran Stephenson
  • 2 min read

It’s nearly the end of the year and many organizations are taking stock of how they did this year and making plans for next year.  If you’re a social media manager for an organization, you should be doing the same. But what questions should you ask? What should you look at to gain insight into what’s working and what’s not working? 

Social networks make changes all the time, so you need to continually look at your channels, evaluate results and make changes to stay ahead of the game.

Here are 10 questions you should be asking as you evaluate 2019 and begin to prepare for next year.

  1. How is my engagement on Facebook? Is it better or worse than it was at the beginning of the year? Should I trim the output on this channel?
  2. How are my posts doing on Instagram? Are they getting seen in the feed and getting lots of comments and likes? Am I overposting on this channel?>
  3. How are my Instagram stories doing? Are they getting seen more frequently or less frequently than my Instagram feed posts?
  4. How am I doing on Twitter? Can I see a difference now on RTs and likes compared to where I started earlier this year?
  5. Is LinkedIn a viable channel for my organization? How is it different? Did my content stick this year and what kinds of views, likes and comments did I get on my posts?
  6. If you’re on Pinterest, what is the standout pin of the year? Which boards are getting more traction? Can you see improvement over time?
  7. What types of content are the best performing content on each channel? Why?
  8. Are all my channels performing to set objectives? If not, what changes are indicated for next year?
  9. Should I launch a new channel or a new group in the coming year?
  10. How will I report on these successes and challenges? What metrics will help me explain success to my leadership?

Answering these ten questions will help you start evaluating your social channel performance this year. What other questions are you asking about your social media ecosystem this year?