The Texas State Aquarium wanted to help elevate the skillset of their new in-house social media manager. With multiple demands on her time, juggling content funnels, and numerous internal requests, it left little time to step back and look more objectively at the channels she manages daily from a more global perspective.


  • We used a third-party tool to review four channels – Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter
  • Evaluated specific parameters: follower growth trend, content types and effectiveness, best and worst times to post.
  • We also developed recommendations for practice changes based on algorithm updates and best practices. This process does not compare a brand’s social network against the broad universe of social media but rather compares the brand against themselves and the current algorithm.
You can’t change the algorithm, but you can manage around it.


The client got better comparisons from the side-by-side review of their current channels. This helped provide a roadmap of daily/weekly/monthly actions that the social media manager could take to improve their social media results including reducing frequency of posting on two of their channels while simultaneously improving content quality and variety there to increase engagement. For another channel, we recommended adjusting date and time of posting to reach bigger audiences. 

Through this process our client saw a pathway to better outcomes from their investment in social media resources AND they saw where to put resources in the future.  

This project won an award of excellence from the PRSA San Antonio Del Oro Awards in 2023. 

How Can we help create a pathway for your future success in social media?