Connect researchers, animal caretakers and giraffe enthusiasts together for a common cause, while raising awareness of Natural Bridge Cavern Wildlife Ranch’s work as stewards for giraffes in Africa, focused on the incredibly rare birth of twin giraffes at the Ranch in 2013.


Create a Giraffe Ambassador Program with enough participation in 6 months to allow the Ranch to fund one giraffe tracking device, using tradition and new media strategies to drive enrollment


Strategy Development: A multi-channel strategy was developed by Step In Communication which included program development, tie-ins to Texas Giraffe Day, press outreach, influencer outreach, promotion through newsletter and social channels, and monitoring of results.

Program Details:

  • One-hour presentation, including chance to meet and feed one of the giraffe twins
  • Students learned feeding habits, details of giraffe life in the wild and in captivity, and how to support giraffe survival
  • Program participants received a branded t-shirt, workbook with further information about giraffes, and official ambassador certificates

Traditional Media Outreach:  Media were pitched in two waves, both the initial launch and success of the program and later on the tangible impact of the program both locally and internationally.

New Media Outreach: Area influencers were approached to participate in the Giraffe Ambassador Program, multi-media content for social channels, blog post creation

Measurement and Tools: Researched and selected appropriate tools for monitoring, measurement and project outreach.


  • Sold out program
  • Texas Giraffe Day content reached 9.8% engagement rate on Facebook
  • Prominent promotion by area influencers, widely shared by organic reach
  • Multiple students followed-up the program with comprehensive individual school projects, expanding reach into classrooms
  • Traditional media coverage of both Texas Giraffe Day events focused on the Giraffe Ambassador Program
  • Second round of traditional media coverage showing impact of the program locally and on giraffe research

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