On My Mind: Talk Value

Is PR talk value?  At a recent professional development event I attended, the speaker continually  referred to talk value as PR. The first couple of times, it was okay. By the seventh or so reference, I started to cringe each time the phrase was used.

What is it about this reference which grates on my ears?

Perhaps it is the dismissive tone that seems to accompany the statement.

It might be the propensity for this phrase to be one of dozens of cliches used by PR practitioners to justify tactics. Some others that are popular right now include buzz and viral.  As in, “Let’s create some buzz with this new widget” or “how about if we make a viral video.”

Most likely, what troubles me about the reference is the complete lack of finality.   That buzz or talk value is good enough goes completely against the relationship building that is and should be at the heart of every public relations practitioners’ sense and sensibility.

Hanging your hat on talk value completely eliminates a vital component of public relations: effecting attitude or behavior change.

What are your thoughts on talk value? Love it? Hate it?  Please comment here.