Strategic Communications

Strategic Communication is an elegant combination of art and science.  It’s making sure that the ways you communicate are aligned with your overall business objectives. At Step In Communication, we’ve developed strategies for organizations that encompass all stakeholders within the organization.  We’ve also designed and implemented communication plans exclusively for social and digital media. We start by auditing and benchmarking where you are positioned in your industry. After a collaborative engagement process to discover strengths and weaknesses, we develop the strategy and tactics to take the next step. This can include implementation by us or by your in-house team. Training, coaching and goal checks keep everyone on track during the process. We are driven by measurable outcomes and analytics to make sure we take you where you want to go.

For a tourism destination, we developed a social and digital strategy that targeted specific groups important to their business as well as a balanced content and outreach strategy which resulted in significantly higher engagement levels in their existing social media channels.

A regional health care system had an existing social media program which was languishing due to lack of focus and ownership. We designed a program which created a content funnel internally that engaged their employees and energized their social channels.

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